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Wild Cards

Fantasy and paranormal short story collection for charity

Paperback and eBook, 120 pages

Published November 25th 2013 by Vampirical Lyrical


Wild Cards is a book dedicated to Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers with a Supernatural/Paranormal flare. You will find a variety of stories so it won’t be hard to find something you and your children will like. From stories about the Grim Reaper, a dragon rider, three wishes, a witch, a man without a face, a house on a haunted street, the making of a villain and much more there is plenty for everyone. 100% of this book's proceeds will go to The National Children’s Cancer Center. 



Zack has heard a voice inside his head ever since he could remember. Yeah, it's creepy, but he has accepted, begrudgingly, that life sometimes likes to throw more than curveballs. In his case, he thinks he's received more than his fair share. When his cousin reveals a family secret at a funeral reception, Zack begins to realize there may be more to that voice always butting into his life. But if his suspicions are real, could that voice actually have a name besides Creep? And would Zack want to have his constant companion silenced forever?


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