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That Moment When: An Anthology of Young Adult Fiction

YA assorted genres

eBook (paperback coming soon)

570 pages

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Have you ever reached a moment in your life when everything changed? A crossroads of sorts… a point of no return. An event or realization so enormous you knew it would impact you forever in ways you couldn’t begin to understand? Discoveries so momentous they changed everything you thought you knew about the world, and yourself?

That Moment When is filled with exactly these kinds of moments. We’ve gathered a handful of fascinating stories from all of your favorite genres and put them together into an epic anthology of young adult fiction. These aren’t full stories—they are just the beginning of a unique adventure. Some of them are continued in published books, others must continue only in your imagination. Some of us are just starting out, while others are celebrated NYT or USA Today Bestselling authors. We teamed up to make it easier for you to find your new favorite author.


If you read the stories in this book, I guarantee you’ll find at least a few that thrill and excite you. With over 200,000 words (about three full-length novels) That Moment When will provide weeks of reading pleasure, and some of the stories may even help you discover your own moment when…

My short story, The Waiting, can be found as the first title in the Horror section.

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