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Make A Memory: A Second Chances Novella

Make A Memory final.jpg

A New Adult contemporary romance novella.


Is there ever a time limit on saying “I’m sorry, forgive me?”
When Amelia’s ex-boyfriend Mason asks her for a ride, she’s immediately nervous. Why her and why after so long? After a family emergency had mushroomed into something more, she could hardly deal with simple things, let alone a relationship. She gave up Mason and their future. When she realizes he’s leaving town with no return date, Amelia thinks that her decision was made rashly—with no input from her heart. 

Can she tell Mason how she still feels, or is it too late for them? 
Mason asked Amelia for a ride with one intention: to shake her out of her melancholy. He figures his going out of state might be the jolt that she needs. The ride they share has them falling back into their old friendship with easy banter and plenty of recalled memories. When it’s time for him to board the bus, what will Amelia do? 

Mason hopes she’ll come to her senses before the doors close because he doesn’t think he’ll return.

Temporarily not available

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