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Finding Forever (Found Forever Book 1)

Can childhood friends explore the relationship each desperately craves?

I thought I knew what love was.

I didn’t. I gave my heart to someone who used it, abused it, and threw it back. Now I need to get myself together. Figure out my future. Running away from mother’s ultimatums only complicate matters. The answers I seek aren’t here. Quinn is. The boy next door. And those shadows in his eyes? I know them. I can relate to them.

When he offers me a job, I can’t refuse. I start to fall for him all over again. Then my ex starts texting, asking for my forgiveness. Mom demands that I come back home. For the first time, I belong somewhere.

Maybe I was searching for solutions in the wrong places. Maybe my future is right here, with Quinn.

The moment I spot her inside my shop, I know. Danielle, the girl from my childhood summers, is back. A part of my heart heals, and yet many more pieces remain.

She’s all grown up. Beautiful. But something haunts her eyes. Except for my kid sister, there haven’t been any bright spots. Until now. Until Dani. She brings an energy to my bakery and into my life. When I believe Dani and I could have a future together, her ex comes back. How can I compete?

Some things are worth fighting for. I might have let her get away years ago, but my future is empty without Danielle.

I’ve found my forever in her. Does she feel the same?

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