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An Unexpected Fae Final.jpg
Cover design by Danielle Fine of Design By Definition


Coming Winter 2021/Spring 2022
An Unexpected Fae
Uprising in the Courts, Book One
New Adult paranormal romance series

I listened to the readers of the Lacing Shadows anthology and have given Holly and Lacon a full-length novel. In fact, I'm giving them a series! The original story was titled Into the Dark and was about a 21,000+ words long novella. I revisited Raven Falls and updated the story (45K) which then appeared in the Moonlight Magic Boxed Set (fall 2017). I re-titled it, An Unexpected Fae, and named the series, Uprising in the Courts, for  inclusion in the Legends of the Veil Anthology (August 2018). By then more ideas began swirling around in my head and I had to give the characters more.


I hope you enjoy your stay in Raven Falls as much I loved creating it!


Blurb: Home alone on winter break, college junior Holly needs to figure out where to finish her degree. She never imagined she’d lose her heart and soul to an otherworldly being.

Instead of finding the answers she wants, she discovers an injured young man in her family’s woods. Before passing out, he makes her pledge to protect him. She learns he’s no an ordinary man, he’s a fae prince. Now Holly must keep the prince safe from those who want him dead. Being a Good Samaritan to a mysterious stranger might cost her life.

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