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When it Happens: A Second Chances Novella


A New Adult contemporary romance novella.


They fell in love before; can they fall once more?
Devlin Fitzgerald finds the girl of his dreams in high school. Catalina Garcia, a beautiful Latina who has become his neighbor, becomes more than a friend senior year; she becomes his world until an unfortunate incident takes him away from her. After abandoning her on prom night, he leaves town and disappears.

Catalina Garcia isn’t comfortable with her curves until Devlin makes her feel like a princess, and they fall in love. She imagines her future with him until he stands her up on the most important night of senior year. No calls or texts, he simply vanishes. Rumors that circulate of him meeting someone else and running away break her heart.

Three years later, Devlin returns to reclaim the pieces of his life. Fate intervenes, tossing the two exes together during various events. Can Catalina withstand the charismatic Devlin, or will she give in to his charming smile? Devlin wants to reveal what really happened, but will she believe him?

Childhood loves tossed apart come together again. Each secretly hopes for that magic to strike again. Only Devlin and Catalina will know when it happens.

No longer available

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