Suffer in Silence (Somerville Series, Prequel Novella)

YA fantasy

A young fae boy, Raiden Blackwylde, has his entire life planned out. He wants to be like his beloved uncle and become a guardian in the human realm. Still upset over losing his mother, his father’s announcement draws his ire. Thinking his uncle can help, Raiden seeks refuge there, but when his uncle is called away, he takes it upon himself to show what he’s learned about being a Guardian. Only he learns that reading is far different from actual experience. While doing a good deed, Raiden makes a terrible mistake. When he returns to tell his uncle, he discovers his actions, no matter how well intended, have lasting repercussions.

The Haunting Season

YA Paranormal


An obsession with a closed mental hospital turns into something dangerous for high school student Amber. Her budding friendship with a ghost quickly sours when she realizes his true intentions. One action creates a domino effect for the teen when an innocent friend unknowingly gets dragged into the conflict. Can she save her best friend or will she lose herself in the process?


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