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The Haunting Season (a short story)

THE HAUNTING SEASON  book cover.jpg

2016 Scott Meyer Award Finalist

2016 Pages From the Heart Finalist

2016 Hudson Valley Writers Guild Honorable Mention


Never trust the dead. Amber knew that. Read it in books and she heard it in movies.

But she didn't listen.

Obsessed with the local boarded-up psych hospital across the street from her house, the grounds had been her playground for years. She knew every building, tree, and even some of the spirits that floated around. The site and its inhabitants had become a sanctuary for the high school freshman.

Until one day.

When she discovers a spirit friend's plans, she intervenes, making him mad. Running off, he pursues her, chasing her as far as he's allowed. But vengeance can strengthen some spirits, a fact Amber learns the hard way. Months later, the teen understands the lengths the angry dead can go.


Now Amber must figure out how to protect those she cares for. She doesn't want anyone she loves or herself becoming the newest soul trapped in the abandoned hospital across the road.

No longer available

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