In Vein anthology


Paranormal charity anthology

Paperback and ebook, 330 pages

Published September 21st 2013 by Vampirical Lyrical; paperback by CreateSpace


“In Vein” is a vampire charity anthology book where 100% of the proceeds will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital! With over 18 Authors, you’re bound to find a few vampire stories you’ll love. From devious vampires, to vampire moms, a child vampire, teenage vampires, King and Queen vampires, a vampires’ slave girl, a vampire mob, a Red necked vampire, driving vampires, an Eastern European angel of pain, a vampire poem, a dug up coffin, a Dental Hygentist, a sad vampire tale and a vampire that helps a young cancer boy. Like I said, something for everyone! Did I mention it’s all for charity? The kids, people, the kids!


Just One Bite

Ada lives an ordinary life: work and home with an occasional night out. Attracted to a new patient, she gives in to his asking her out. While on their date, Ada realizes this man shares so much of her own likes and dislikes. It's as if they've known each other for lifetimes. But they couldn't, could they? When offered an opportunity for a different life, Ada must choose which route to take. One which would leave her alone or one with the mysterious Mr. Ulach. With just one bite, she will have her answer.



“I hope you don’t find my behavior untoward, Adameena. I do not want this to be goodbye. Would you let me have your phone number? May I call you for a dinner date? Do you like ballet? The theatre? My driver could take us anywhere. Down to the city perhaps? Have you been to the Met?” His words were rushed, bordering on shy, but his physical proximity gave him an air of power, as if he was used to being in charge, in making the decisions.

A glimpse down at his fingers held no tell-tale signs of marriage. My heart leapt in joy. My seventeen-year-old self returned, ecstatic like when the captain of the baseball team asked me out. Joey Goodyear turned out to be all hands. His attention was great as long as it lasted. “Um,” the words refused to come. My mind turned as blank as a zombie’s stare.

Reaching out, his fingers looped around a loose curl hanging down in front of my uniform smock. He pulled the tendrils toward his face and inhaled, I gasped at the implied intimacy of our closeness. Then his eyes raked over my face again, memorizing every feature, while imploring me to leave with him. To go away, somewhere like the Emerald Isle, anywhere.

I blinked away the daydream. I really should get out more and stop my weekend Oxygen network movie marathons.

““He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.”” He whispered, letting my hair drop. “May I call on you this evening?”

If I didn’t have bills to pay he could call on me this instant. “I, um, have plans to go out with the girls from the office tonight. It’s a standard here—Thursday’s girl’s night out. I am free tomorrow. You can choose what we do,” the words rushed freely and I sighed, happy to sound literate once more. “Is that quote by Tolstoy?” The words sounded familiar.

“Yes, Anna Karenina. You like dance, don’t you?” He stepped closer, taking any lingering space between us away. My eyes froze on his face. With feathery touches, his fingers traced my jawline. I shuddered, never having a man touch me like this or draw such pleasure from my body as he was doing now. I was about to be reduced to a puddle.


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