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Alchemy Academy: A Limited-Edition Collection of Reverse Harem Spells and Magical Academy Potions

2019 Alchemy Academy set.jpg

Alchemy, a process thought to have begun ages ago, is said to invoke transformation and magic.

Practicing alchemy and creating magic is not an easy task. And certainly, not one that should be taken lightly.

For ages—maybe as far back as the dawn of time, there were a select few in the human race who were chosen, randomly perhaps, to hold the power to practice alchemy. Over the centuries their numbers have increased, creating a need for structure within their kind, as well as a need for teaching the ways of this ancient gift.

Alchemy Academy fills that need. Providing a place for the young minds who hold such powers. They may have been given the gift of manifesting magic of all kinds, but it is up to the staff at the academy to show them how to properly harness and fine-tune their skills.

Though they may teach the ways of good magic, there are sometimes a select few who practice the dark arts. The good are wonderful students. But the bad ones… they can be truly evil.

Including stories by:
*Scarlette D'Noire  *Tigris Eden  *Laurie Treacy  *Tina Glasneck
*Majanka Verstaete  *Krista Ames  *Deelylah Mullin


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