"Somewhere Between Falling is a great tale of people picking up the pieces of their life and finding love when their not looking for it. Written supremely, this tale brings the reader to a small town and you want to stay. Also...who doesn't love a setting in a bakery? I could smell the fresh croissants."

Amazon customer

"Into The Dark: I LOVED THIS STORY! I think this one was my favorite! I will definitely want to find out what happens to Holly and her Prince!"

Ashley, Pratr- Authors


"I loved this story!! It was well written and captivating. It is my favorite of the five. Author Laurie Treacy grabbed me hook line and sinker. The picture she paints when she opens you up to the word of the fae was amazing. I could visualize each little detail... I devoured this this story and want more of Holly Barclay and Hallacon ‘Lacon.’ The humor the author adds to this story had me rolling. Holly’s inner thoughts and rambles had me in stitches."

Sarah's Reading Corner


"The experiences that Holly went through during the book were very easy to picture happening to the reader themselves. The book was well written but these scenes were great! I really felt as if I was in a movie or at points that I was Holly and experiencing those things she was... Then there was the ending. It made me get that happy, fluffy, warm feeling. The one in your chest. That content feeling, let’s call it. So I loved that... Into the Dark was one of my favorite books in this anthology, hands down."

Aly, Goodreads 


"Into the dark was a wonderful read, and I want to know what happens!!!" 

Dani Vangosen, Goodreads 


"I loved the mix of romance, mystery, & a hot Fae Prince, that Into The Dark provided… I really really hope there is more to this story. Into the Dark is a great take on the Fae. And I want to read more."

Jordan’s Book Reviews 



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